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  • Anna Strong (1st)

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Synopsis for "Safeword (Conclusion)"

711 refuses to have sex with Yorick, then continues with her "enhanced interrogation techniques", forcing him to reveal his deepest, darkest desire -- he wants to die. Ever since the gendercide, life has been so unbearable, he has deliberately been putting himself in dangerous situations in the off chance he would get what he wants -- that someone would finish him off. 711 sets him on a new course with a very basic truth -- that "endings have to be earned". Soon after, 355 and Mann return, with a very healthy Ampersand. After the Y threesome depart, 711 is killed by veiled assailants that break into her cabin, thanking them in her dying moments for delivering the ending she feels she's finally earned.


  • This issue is collected in the Y: The Last Man - Safeword trade paperback.


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