Snow White is a prominent character in the Fables series. She is the wife of Bigby Wolf and the mother of their seven "cubs". Rose Red is her sister.

Early Life

Snow White lived with Rose Red and her mother in a cottage. When Prince Charming arrived and made a vow to marry Snow White, the king demanded that Snow White be killed so that his son would not have to fulfill his promise, and Snow White's mother, a witch, sent her to live with her aunt, who was very jealous of her beauty.


Snow White married Prince Charming eventually, but a wedge formed between them when her spurned sister, Rose Red, slept with him. They were divorced and she later married Bigby Wolf and had seven "cubs" with him, most of whom looked like a combination of wolf and human.


Snow White is presented as an "ice queen" initially, but also has a strike of individuality in her--for her wedding gift from Prince Charming she requested fencing lessons, which he refused. After her divorce she was extremely bitter about those with successful relationships, such as Beauty, but eventually found a lot of happiness with Bigby Wolf.

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