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Reynard T. Fox helped fight the revolutionaries at the Farm. Reynard overheard that Snow White's life was in danger because she knew of the plan, and took it upon himself to warn Snow. He had to face such enemies as Baghera and Shere Khan and has expressed his affections towards Snow. Snow did not understand why Reynard felt he could call her "Sweetie" or think he could have a chance with her. Reynard told her that everyone knew she was "bumping headboards" with Bigby Wolf ever since Remembrance Day. He reasoned that if she was into wolves, it was only a matter of time before she made the move to a more sophisticated animal as he.

In the Homelands, he was the one who led King Noble's subjects into the Mundy world, enabling them to escape the slavery of the Adversary's army. He did this, despite the fact that as a trickster he was disliked by most of his neighbors.

During preparations for Bigby and Snow's home, Reynard admits to Prince Charming his anger towards Charming. When Charming asks as to why, Reynard explains if Prince Charming had kept his promise for providing glamour spells he could have become a human and swept Snow off her feet. Charming, not wanting to be reminded of his broken promises, tells him to leave him alone.

Reynard human
In a display of power and to reward him for helping the Fabletown Fables, Ozma bestowed the ability to shape shift between fox and human form.

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Reynard T. Fox is from "The Trial of Reynard" or "Reynard the Fox".

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