Unusual Features
Could speak wolf

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Mowgli is a young Indian man with shoulder length black hair. Being raised by wolves, he has a vast knowledge of nature and animals in particular. His training as a Tourist has trained him in tracking people and combat.



Mowgli was from a Homeland similar to India. When the Adversary attacked, Mowgli fled to Fabletown alongwith his friends Bagheera and Baloo as well as his enemy Shere Khan.


At some point, Mowgli became one of the Tourists. From that point on, he spent 20 years wandering the world between visits back to Fabletown.

After the revolution on The Farm, Mowgli found out that Bagheera had been imprisoned for his involvement. To free his friend, Mowgli agreed to track down Bigby Wolf.

Mowgli was able to track Bigby to where he was hiding in Alaska. When Bigby heard that he could be with his family, he agreed to come with Mowgli back to Fabletown. Prince Charming kept his word and freed Bagheera.

The FableEdit

Mowgli first appeared in Rudyard Kipling's short story "In the Rukh" and became the principle character in The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book. Mowgli is a child raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. His mortal enemy is Shere Khan, who keeps trying to eat Mowgli.

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