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Real Name
Fabletown, previous


Current Residence
Hansel, brother
First Appearance
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall
Prior to the beginning of Fables;
seen in Fables: Sons of Empire

Gretel came to the Americas with the rest of the Fables. While her brother Hansel was abroad she began learning magic from Frau Totenkinder (who was the old witch that had lured them into the forest). When he brother returned he killed Gretel, because he is deeply religious. She then lived in the Witching Well. She is now a citizen of Haven.

The Fable[]

In the tale of Hansel and Gretel, Hansel and Gretel's parents are very poor and so have decided to take the children out into the woods (their father had been pushed into the decision by his wife, the children's stepmother), build them a fire and leave them there so they no longer have to care for them. But, Hansel and Gretel over heard this plan and Hansel decided to collect pebbles that he would drop along hte way so they could find their way back home. The next morning they are taken out into the woods--Hansel carrying the pebbles and Gretel carrying bread (the last meal their parents will give to them). So after a long while the children are able to make it back to the house.

But they are taken back out into the woods again, and this time Hansel is unable to collect pebbles, so instead Hansel uses his bread and crumbles it and leaves a trail with it. But in the night birds eat their breadcrumb trail and are unable to find their way home. So they wander in deeper and deeper into the woods, and eventually they come upon a candy cottage, and they plan to feast upon it. As they begin to eat a sweet voice calls out to them but they continue to eat. While they were eating the house a very old woman on crutches came out. The woman invites them in. The old lady was very nice to them but really she was a witch and planned to cook them and eat them. But when she starts the fire in her oven she tells Gretel to check it to see if it is hot enough. Gretel realizes this and lies and tells the witch that she does not know how to check it. The witch tells her that the opening is very big and that even she could fit in it. When she comes close to the oven to prove it Gretel shove her in and closes the door. Hansel and Gretel found pearls in the witches house and so they brought them home and all their sorrows were ended.

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