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Frau Totenkinder is a a prominent character in the Fables series. She is an elderly witch.


Early Life[]

She was born beautiful and realized she had the ability to sense the future. She sacrificed her newborn son and thus gained more power, realizing that sacrificing two children a year would prevent her from aging. She was burned in her own oven by Hansel and Gretel, but was miraculously rescued by Snow White and Rose Red.


Frau Totenkinder keeps a relatively low profile in Fabletown and has since stopped sacrificing children. She eventually reunited with Gretel and taught her the magic arts. She is always willing to assist those who are kind to her, although she has repeatedly cursed Rapunzel.

The Fable[]

Frau Totenkinder is the witch of the tale of Hansel and Gretel along with just about every other unnamed witch of legend[1].

Notes and References[]

  • "Frau Totenkinder" translates to roughly "death of children" or "child killer" in German
  • Frau Totenkinder is believed to be the oldest of the European Fables