Feathertop is a Fable. He, along with Snow White, find Bigby and ask him to join their communitity[1].

The Fable

Mother Rigby, a witch, makes a scarecrow for her garden. She then brings it to life to woo Polly Gookin, the daughter of Judge Gookin who Rigby has a grude against. Feathertop looks human, but must continously puff on his pipe to remain human. Polly and Feathertop begin to fall in love, but then one day they look into a mirror together and Polly sees him as a scarecrow. She faints, terrified. Feathertop flees, and returns to Mother Rigby's home. He there intentionally breaks his pipe in half so that he returns to being a regular scarecrow.

Notes and References

  1. A Wolf in the Fold
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