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Art for The Glass Slipper Shoes and Branstock Tavern

Fabletown is where all the Fables who can pass as humans live. It is in Upper West Side of New York City - it encompasses the neighborhood of Bullfinch Street, Kipling Street, and Anderson Street; the Woodland being reserved for the top Fables and VIPs[1].


  • The Woodland Luxury Apartments -- Management Offices and apartments (on the corner of Bullfinch and Kipling)
    • Business Office -- The Mayor's and Deputy Mayor's office
    • Security Office -- The Sheriff's office
    • Floor Thirteen -- The magic residents of Fabletown
    • Penthouse -- The Mayor's apartment
    • Ballroom -- The Remembrance Day ball is held here
  • Chateau D'if Fencing Academy - Owned by Edmond Dantes
  • Grand Green Florist Shop
  • Edward Bear's Candies
    • Specialize in honey-based candies[2]
  • Gottfried's Steak House
  • I Am The Eggman Diner (has once had a special on Curds & Whey) -- Owned by Vulco
  • Glass Slipper shoe store -- Owned by Cinderella
  • Web 'n' Muffet Market -- Owned by Mrs. Web
  • Nod's Books
  • Lewis Antiques
    • Has "a very interesting old wooden wardrobe" that is expensive[2]

Notes and References[]

  • I Am The Eggman Diner is not based on The Beatle's song "I Am The Walrus"[2].