Fables is a comic book series created by writer Bill Willingham in 2002. As of July 2011, Fables produced 107 monthly issues.


Fables focuses on reinvented fairy tale characters, such as Bigby Wolf, previously the "big bad wolf" in Little Red Riding Hood, who had reformed and become able to take on a human form. Snow White is also a prominent character, but Fables has Snow White presented as a divorcee after her divorce with Prince Charming. Sometimes Fables takes on a murder mystery, sometimes a caper and sometimes a conspiracy thriller.



This is a complete list of Fables characters:

New York Fables

Thirteenth Floor Fables

The Farm


Literals and Part-Literals

The Genres

The Homelands

Arabian Fables

Inmates at the Golden Boughs Retirement Village

Other Characters

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