Chas chandler
Chas Chandler, born Francis Williams Chandler, he is nicknamed after the Jimi Hendrix manager. He befriended John Constantine as early as the 60's, when John was kicked out Chas let him room with him, as they had recently became friends.

Chas has a wife, Renee, who is usually ragging on him for something that usually leads back to John (as she has a great dislike of John). They have one daughter, Geraldine, who in turn has a daughter, Trish (Chas's granddaughter).

Chas has now become a taxi driver, which is very convient for John, who is always causing trouble, and needing a ride somewhere.

John will often try to keep Chas out of the dirtier aspects of John's work. This doesn't always work as seen once, when Chas was possessed by the demon Nergal. Chas has lived to be one of John's oldest and closest (and longest living) friends.

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