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Hey. I am Eric Darnes. I joined Zylonol back in 93' when we were doing "Chase" and "Gotham Central" we grew immensely over the span of 25+ years that I spent working with Lee.I eventually co-grey tones with Lee for Harvey Pekar and Dan Haspiel on "The Quitter."

It was a peak moment of my abilities to get into what I thought would be Harvey's way of coloring it by watching docs on Pekar, and watching His apperances on late night.

also I really was star struck working with Paul Pope on "heavy Liquid" and "100%."

I was also a part of most of the "Batman Adventures" series that was eventually and unfotunatley not ours to color anymore.

Anyway just wanted to share and say most of my friends put a lot into what came through Zylonol. Such as : Nick Dragotta, John Proctor, Jason Marzloff, and Nick Filardi. And of course the man who polished it all Lee Loughridge.

Thanks Guys. Eric Darnes

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