Real Name
Egyptian Gods

Unusual Features
Catlike appearance
Base of Operations

Current Residence
Lady of Catd
Osiris, father
Isis, mother
Sekhmet, sister
First Appearance

Bast is an Egyptian god who appeared in Sandman.


In Bast's first recorded appearance in Vertigo continuity, she appeared among a host of other characters belonging to various mythical pantheons of deities. Along with fellow Egyptian god Anubis, she attended the summit held by Morpheus to decide who would be given the key to Hell. During this event, she was goaded into a confrontation with the Norse god Thor, although she bested him. Later, Bast approached Morpheus, asking him to give the Egyptian contingent to the meeting in exchange for information on where to find his brother Destruction[1], although she didn't know the exact location of the prodigal Endless[2] (as Destruction is referred to). Ultimately, Morpheus declined Bast's offer and she and her fellow Egyptian deities departed. Much later, Bast attempted to use the world's cats to enslave the planet, although she was ultimately unsuccessful[3].

Although in ancient times Bast had a city named after her[4], in modern times she has largely been ignored. Destiny of the Endless cited the lack of worshipping followers as the reason her once formidable power has waned so drastically[5].

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